Manage your lipos like a Pro

LipoBuddy is everywhere with your batteries to give all the information you need

Why LipoBuddy?

There are two main goals and values behind developing LipoBuddy.

Become a better pilot

First of all, it can help you become a better pilot. Good pilots know their equipment and how to manage it. LipoBuddy takes the burden of gathering and processing information about your batteries off your shoulders. It could warn about batteries going bad, advise buying different set, give you suggestions based on your usage patterns, etc.

Valuable data

Second goal is improving the big picture of RC hobbies community. We could gather and share data about usage of the batteries and access to this data can benefit us all. Pilots could get informed about best products suited to their needs, manufacturers can know what people like and what needs improvement.

How it works?

I've made this video to show how LipoBuddy works with the NFC tags. Just stick it on a battery, pair it and always be in the know.


  1. What is LipoBuddy?
  2. LipoBuddy helps you with managing your LiPo batteries.

  3. What is LipoBuddy mobile app used for?
  4. The app stores all your batteries and can be used as a standalone battery managing system.

  5. What are LipoBuddy Tags?
  6. Tags are special NFC tags that you can stick to your batteries. Scan the Tag to get more info about the battery this Tag is stuck to. I tested a lot of NFC tags and if you want to use one on the small batteries (like the ones for Tiny Whoop) there does not exist ready to use product for them because of the size and on-metal constraints. Therefore I came up with special product suited for your needs.

  7. Can the app be used without the Tags?
  8. Yes, it can be used without the Tags but they are recommended for the best LipoBuddy experience. Try it once and never go back :)

  9. Can I use my own NFC tags?
  10. Yes, you can use your own NFC tags and initialize them using the LipoBuddy app. Note, that LipoBuddy Special Tiny Tags that fit perfectly on small batteries (eg. Tiny Whoop or other micro drone lipos) are specially manufactured and so far available only here. If you buy your own tags, please get the On-Metal type as normal ones do not work with batteries.

  11. Why would I need this, I have my own charged/discharged system?
  12. LipoBuddy helps you track more info about your batteries than simple charged/discharged state, for example count charge cycles, flight time or how many batteries you've flown today. I have used to number my lipos and put info in Excel sheet but this does not really go a long way.

  13. The iOS app does not have a feature I saw in the Android app
  14. The iOS version of the app was built from scratch and released just recently. It is planned to make it's feature set on par with the Android app. Expect updates soon.

  15. Where can I get support or give feedback?
  16. Here: